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Things I Recently Forgot To Do In The Proper Order

Put glass to mouth before tilting.

Put on the lotion before putting on the jeans.

Push in clutch before attempting to shift.

Put car in neutral before attempting to idle.

Put leg in car before shutting door.

Remove thumb before shutting cabinet.

Think before speaking.

Play with cat before everything.

Bring money before shopping.

Plug in vacuum before attempting use.

Put vacuum away before attempting to step over it.

Retract toes before stubbing.

Proofread before publishing.

Who Am I? Who Knows Anymore?

I have been trying to fill in that silly “About” page on this blog and I have no idea what to say. So for fun, I thought I would just write down everything that popped into my head about myself and see what came out. So this is me, sorta, not really, probably:

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