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Music for Procrastination

This week I have been revisiting and rediscovering some past musical crushes. Here are a few to enjoy:

Sometimes I forget about the Buzzcocks and then when I start listening to them again I have to binge to make up for lost time.

“Teenage Kicks” is an all-time favorite tune that I enjoy as much today as when I first heard it.

It was hard to pick just one Jam tune as there is so much awesome.


Something In Common

Nearly all of my favorite songs, and others I don’t even like much, have a specific image imprinted in my brain and when I hear the tune that image immediately flashes. Sometimes it is as simple as a color, other times it is a vivid scene from my past. “Something In Common” always invoked a distinct image of the day in Philadelphia when I first met my ex-boyfriend. It has always been a happy image but now it seems my subconscious is trying to to make me sick of it as this song has been playing in my mind for about 20 hours now. No matter what tune is playing in the outside world, my brain is spinning this. Stupid brain.

I first saw Free Energy live at SXSW in 2010, then later in the fall at the 400 Bar (RIP 400 Bar, your new location at MOA just won’t be the same) and finally a third time that year in Philadelphia, their adopted hometown after members moved from Minneapolis. This video is reminiscent of each time I saw them in these tiny bars. I am hoping if I play it enough today, my brain DJ will finally relent.




My New Old Jam

I have always had a special place in my musical heart for Camper Van Beethoven from the first time I saw them open for R.E.M. to the later tours at First Avenue. David Lowery went on to form the equally loved band Cracker and he is probably one of the top 5 musicians I have seen most often live. While CVB’s “Take The Skinheads Bowling” was the tune I first loved and became a regular on my college radio show, “Ambiguity Song” is on the most playlists and is a song that resonates with me in times of uncertainty…it is once again my jam.

The video is pointless, just posted here for the tune.

Happy Pi Day

Happy Pi Day….My favorite “circle” song. I have never known the lyrics but I mumble to this in a most awesome way.



Let’s Go Crazy

I finally found some music that is working for me and it is Prince! “Let’s Go Crazy” is my current anthem and it reminds me of some crazy times in college too. Oh, and stalking Prince at a bar once to try to get him to dance with us….good times….good crazy times.



I do love his voice!

Music Rocks

I am finally starting to get my music groove back. Singing along to some Love Spit Love helped.



I Wish I Had A Simple Mind

Not sure why I am so concerned about not being forgotten by my ex…wish it would stop.

Super Annoying Earworm Invasion

Ugh. My brain hates me and is playing the most annoying songs ever. I created this awesome playlist  on YouTube to share.  And since I can’t figure out how to make that hyperlink stand out, I attached them here too. Welcome.