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Television For Procrastination

Music is awesome but I can still get things done when listening so sometimes I have to warm up the television and couch to prevent any actual accomplishments. My thoughts on the shows I have watched over the last few months when I have have not been doing my To Do list.

The Good
Last Week With John Oliver – Funny and informative outrage ftw.
Fargo – I will watch it again, and renewed for Season 2 which pleases me.
Game of Thrones – Already waiting for the next season.
Silicon Valley – The final episode sealed my love of the show.
Veep – I wish I could insult people as creatively.
Almost Royal – I have no idea if the people they interact know this is a gag but the two “royals” are hilarious in character.
Idris Elba: King of Speed – Hot dude, great voice and fast cars. Works.
The Bridge – Famke Potente is an excellent creepy addition for the new season.
The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail – Hard to transfer a live night of comedy to 22 min of TV but it is funny and I want to hang out with these guys.
Dominion – I started watching and couldn’t stop. Lots of intrigue and creepers walking on the ceiling.
Louie – Uncomfortable humor makes me think and laugh and think again later.
Vikings – Violent but a good story and with some amazing blue eyes as well.
Hannibal – Violent with a great story that kept me guessing all season.
In The Flesh – A different take on zombies.
The Americans – Great second season and I did not see the twist at the end coming.

Penny Dreadful – Eva Green was awesome but I could never decide of I actually liked the show or just liked the weird.
Salem – I watched, but I will pass on any more.
The Strain – Two episodes down but I can not decide if this is good or just entertaining fun.

The Meh
Halt and Catch Fire – The ladies are awesome and the dudes are not likeable. This seems to be a trend in period pieces.
Food Network Star – Still watching, still no favorite.
Drunk History – Amusing when I catch it but not a must-see for me.
The Wil Wheaton Project – I watch it to geek out with Wil.
Married and You’re The Worst – The pilots for both were good but it is premature to say if they are keepers.
Suits – I like the show but the long story arcs get a bit tedious.
Orphan Black – I should like it more but it seems like they are going in circles at time to add more clones.

The Awful

True Blood – This season sucks and not in the hot way Eric used to suck but in the stupid annoying way Bill has always sucked but dumber.
Sweden – I wanted to like it but it is not funny and makes me read subtitles too much.

I need to break up with my TV so I can get more done.

Music For Procrastination

Since seeing Million Dollar Quartet I have listened to quite a bit of music from the early Sun Records era and various offshoots where I was led….this is a favorite and I like to imagine it is about me…if I was much older than I am.


I was pretty meh about this song initially but the chorus keeps popping into my head and it has grown on me. The video is amusing as well.

This song isn’t technically new but it is my new-to-me music obsession and fun to sing along with.


I really need to stop procrastinating…but…there is probably more music to play with….

My Current Crushes

replacements1) THE REPLACEMENTS!! I am so excited they will finally be playing a show here in Minneapolis. I can’t wait, hardly wait!





graze2) Graze. These cute, healthy snacks are delivered every 2 weeks. At only $6, I like the surprise and the portion controlled treats. You can try it at: and use my friend code 6F43PDDTP and I’ll get a buck off.




gell3) My gel packs and I have become very friendly again. ahhhhhhh




fargo4) Fargo. FX has another series for me to enjoy. Fargo, the series, is reminiscent of the movie but with a new story and characters.



Game_of_Thrones_-_Grey_Wind-George_R_R_Martin-Pop_Vinyl-Funko-trampt-128894m5) Funko Pops! Direwolves! Love!

My Current Crushes

edamame-400x400 1) Edamame. Yum.





kettle2) The kettlebell swing sounds like a fun dance but it is a workout to kick your butt. Now that I have recovered, I can’t wait to do it again.



road trip3) Spring is in the air and so is snow and I just want to run away on a nice long road trip.




game-of-thrones-purple-wedding-square-w3524) Another excellent season of Game of Thrones.

It is hard out here for us introverts.

It is hard out here for us introverts.

My Current Crushes

140219-GOT4-Key-Art-v2-_Page_1-691x1024 1) I have been re-watching season 3 of Game of Thrones and I am so excited for the 4th season that starts on Sunday. Can. Not. Wait.





images2) I will always have a crush on Ragnar’s killer blue eyes so can not miss an episode of Vikings.



images23) I want flip-flop season to arrive. My Chacos miss me. I am on the hunt for a new red pair even though these never wear out.




cod4) Cod. I can not get enough cod lately. Of all my food crushes this is the lamest and stinkiest.


What I want to write about is not what my annoying brain wants to think about.

What I want to eat is not what my annoying fridge is currently stocking.

What I want to listen to, I have not a clue.

I wanted to walk in the sun, but I settled for the grey chill.

So now I will sit in silence, pick at a plate of chicken and veggies, and stare at a blank page until something gives.


My Current Crushes

A few of the things I am currently crushing on:

photo(7)1) Whole Me Almond Cluster cereal is so very tasty and crunchy and perfect with yogurt. It can be ordered online:





172) Marieke® Gouda Burning Mélange is my new favorite cheese with a yummy blend of herbs; pairs nicely with a variety of fruit. It can be ordered online:





BKF-products-cookware3) I can finally get my stainless steel pans to sparkle. I am such a dork. Bar Keepers Friend is the best pan cleaner ever and can be found on Amazon and elsewhere.





spotify-logo-primary-vertical-light-background-rgb4) I finally joined Spotify and have been having fun listening to some new music and making playlists; it is helping get music back in my day.





index5) I am loving this season of The Walking Dead and can’t wait to see how it ends.







A Conversation With A Friend

Friend: I finally read one of your blog posts.

Me: Oh really? Which ones?

Friend: Something you posted on Facebook.

Me: I posted a few there.

Friend: Umm, I can’t remember. It was really long though.

Me: So, it was so long you forgot already? Nice.

Friend: Well, longer than I expected. It was good (in an atypical high-pitched tone that was completely unconvincing.)

Me: It was long but maybe good and you have forgotten already. Now I am sad.

Friend: Well it was a day ago.

Me: I think I should go.

Friend: What??

I Have A Thing About Bananas

I have a thing about bananas, not a good thing either. I make people throw their peels away in garbage cans on the other side of the building and double bagged. They make me shudder. My nightmare has come to life: