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Television For Procrastination

Music is awesome but I can still get things done when listening so sometimes I have to warm up the television and couch to prevent any actual accomplishments. My thoughts on the shows I have watched over the last few months when I have have not been doing my To Do list.

The Good
Last Week With John Oliver – Funny and informative outrage ftw.
Fargo – I will watch it again, and renewed for Season 2 which pleases me.
Game of Thrones – Already waiting for the next season.
Silicon Valley – The final episode sealed my love of the show.
Veep – I wish I could insult people as creatively.
Almost Royal – I have no idea if the people they interact know this is a gag but the two “royals” are hilarious in character.
Idris Elba: King of Speed – Hot dude, great voice and fast cars. Works.
The Bridge – Famke Potente is an excellent creepy addition for the new season.
The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail – Hard to transfer a live night of comedy to 22 min of TV but it is funny and I want to hang out with these guys.
Dominion – I started watching and couldn’t stop. Lots of intrigue and creepers walking on the ceiling.
Louie – Uncomfortable humor makes me think and laugh and think again later.
Vikings – Violent but a good story and with some amazing blue eyes as well.
Hannibal – Violent with a great story that kept me guessing all season.
In The Flesh – A different take on zombies.
The Americans – Great second season and I did not see the twist at the end coming.

Penny Dreadful – Eva Green was awesome but I could never decide of I actually liked the show or just liked the weird.
Salem – I watched, but I will pass on any more.
The Strain – Two episodes down but I can not decide if this is good or just entertaining fun.

The Meh
Halt and Catch Fire – The ladies are awesome and the dudes are not likeable. This seems to be a trend in period pieces.
Food Network Star – Still watching, still no favorite.
Drunk History – Amusing when I catch it but not a must-see for me.
The Wil Wheaton Project – I watch it to geek out with Wil.
Married and You’re The Worst – The pilots for both were good but it is premature to say if they are keepers.
Suits – I like the show but the long story arcs get a bit tedious.
Orphan Black – I should like it more but it seems like they are going in circles at time to add more clones.

The Awful

True Blood – This season sucks and not in the hot way Eric used to suck but in the stupid annoying way Bill has always sucked but dumber.
Sweden – I wanted to like it but it is not funny and makes me read subtitles too much.

I need to break up with my TV so I can get more done.

Thoughts On #YesAllWomen That Required Many More Than 140 Characters

In reaction to the manifesto from the mass killer in Santa Barbara promising to punish women who had rejected him, my Twitter stream has been flooded with disturbing, emotional and angry commentary and experiences of misogyny tagged #YesAllWomen.

This conversation does not surprise me, as my slice of the social media pie has been sharing thoughts more often lately on related topics from rape culture in college, to bullying and other abuse. There has also been lengthy debates on Lena Dunham daring to be comfortable enough with her body to get naked on screen, the kidnapping of school girls in Nigeria and the subsequent “#BringBackOurGirls” hash tag campaign and discussions on what is feminism including Neko Case’s response to Playboy labeling her a “female musician” and how Shailene Woodley, of the upcoming movie “A Fault In Our Stars”, is wrong or just misinformed on the subject.

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Rut Bustin’ Day

Today is Rut Bustin’ Day, a day when I try doing every thing differently. I only have one rule, it feels routine, stop and change it. I have been doing this since college and am always surprised how something so silly can inspire me, help me discover new treasures or just end a crappy mood.

So this morning I grabbed a t-shirt from the bottom of the pile that I had not seen in ages, brushed my teeth while walking around, drank a protein shake from a wine glass, drove a different route to the pool, changed the radio station, parked in a different spot, swam different strokes, went to a new market and actually read a newspaper instead of twitter. It amazes me what a creature of habit I can become without even noticing.

I even changed up my music selections. First, I tried random pop tunes of singers I only know because of their magazine presence but that was a bit too much so I busted out an old playlist, When Rap Was Mostly New To Me. I added this to Spotify although most of the songs are not in their database.

For a snack, I tried some Brad’s Raw Crunchy Kale with garlic and vegan cheese, I expected it to suck way more than it did and eventually I might actually like it. Maybe.

When Rap Was Mostly New To Me (1995)


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